Mirco Gasparrotto
Mirco Gasparotto / Presidente Arroweld Spa & Co-founder Community OSA

With more than 30 years of experience “in the field” that have led him to live and overcome unexpected obstacles and achieve extraordinary success.

His provocation “THE UNSUSTAINABLE COMPANY” is fundamental to understand his Mission: Helping entrepreneurs and not only to achieve excellence and professional and personal balance.

President of Arroweld Italia, a leading company in Italy in the industrial distribution sector, with a turnover of 100 million euros, 11 subsidiaries, 1,000 employees and 22 distribution sites.

Mirco Gasparotto grows as an entrepreneur also thanks to the continuous training activity in which he participates so much that, aware of the great value that this brings to human and professional level, he creates the World Training Club, with the aim of spreading the business strategies of the best international trainers in Italian business realities.