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Oggi abbiamo il piacere di intervistare Kaspar Szymanski ex Search Quality Team at Google, che sarà uno dei nostri relatori al MARKETING BUSINESS SUMMIT.

Tell us who you are and what’s your job

My name is Kaspar Szymanski, I’m a former senior member of the Search Quality Team at Google and an SEO consultant. Nowadays I utilize my unique Google experience to help online business to grow and improve their standing in Google Search. Together with a former colleague and another former long time member of Search Quality Team, Fili Wiese we offer SEO consulting services to clients under the brand of SearchBrothers.com. Beyond technical audits we specialize in penalty recovery and growing our clients in-house SEO expertise through custom workshops. At the same time I’m a frequent speaker at international online marketing events and prolific writer on SEO issues.

 “Fred” update: what do you think about this not official Google update?

This may be a surprise coming from a former Googler but because there’s a lot of unqualified information being shared online especially on SEO matters, I pay less attention to what the latest industry buzz may be and focus on what counts, which is providing clients with data driven, actionable results.

We’ve seen several websited losing organic traffic even up to 70% of daily organic traffic between February and April (2017): any suggestions to solve this problem? Any ideas?

Yes, we have a tested method to address issues like this one. We conduct an SEO audit, both on- and off-page. In the process use as much relevant, fresh data as possible, preferably including web server logs for an extended period of time. Consequently, we are able to answer why sites are failing to live up to expectations in search. Any other but a data driven approach with focus on individual sites is merely attempts to guess which we can not condone.

When is it necessary to use Disavow file? When not?

Whether it is necessary to submit and maintain a disavow file depends on an individual websites backlink profile, specifically on the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to the website.

Again, the answer is one that has to be identified for every single website based on the data available. Having said that these days, most large commercial websites need to constantly maintain a disavow file.

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